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While in some situations we take on the role of becoming a company’s entire IT department, we know it’s not always feasible to outsource all of it. In fact, many of our clients already have a solid IT department in place, and just need to offload a few projects or get a little extra help at various times during the month. We never have the goal of displacing a relationship, but but wish to add value to your department’s current efforts.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone responsive who cares there to pick up the phone whenever you need it? We’re here to help.

Benefits of Working with Fortis IT Solutions

Manage Costs Efficiently
Hiring and training additional IT staff can be costly. Adding an IT managed service solution to your department converts fixed costs into variable costs, allowing you to budget more effectively.
Offload Risk
By working with a third-party IT support provider, you are sharing some of the infrastructural risk burden. As a result you become more flexible, agile, and dynamic as a department, which allows you to stay more focused on what you do best.
Liberate Resources
Delegating some of your workload to Fortis IT frees up internal resources for projects that are best handled by your internal IT staff.
Expertise When You Need It
With our team at your side, you’ll have access to high levels of technology, resources, and experience – giving you the value you need, when you need it.
Re-focus Your Priorities
Once we’re providing support for your department, you can focus on the projects that matter most.
Learn more about our FIT Solutions, and how they can work for your company.

Procuring the Equipment for Your Needs

While most small businesses don’t typically go through and RFP cycle, they still need to make sure they’re working with a vendor that is getting them the most bang for their buck. Let’s face it — shopping for hardware is time consuming!

Let Fortis IT Solutions help you select the right gear for the right application and save you precious time, money and resources.

Learn more about our FIT Solutions, and how they can work for your company.



Fortis knows that each organization is unique, with distinct IT needs and capabilities. There is no “one size fits all” IT solution to follow. Therefore our goal is to work with you to first understand your needs, and then recommend the right solution for you.

1. Initial Assessment

At our initial “meet and greet,” we’ll sit down with you and your team, learn about your IT needs, and determine whether we’re a good fit to work together. We’ll then continue our discovery process to understand your needs, frustrations and opportunities for improvement in further detail.

2. In Depth Assessment

An IT technician is deployed to your location to perform a full assessment of your infrastructure. This gives us a complete picture of your current setup so that we can formulate a solid solution.

3. Proposal

We will create a proposal with our recommended solution for you. Our goal is to outline a comprehensive, proactive combination of services that protects all of your interests. We’ll review it together to make sure that all of your top priorities are addressed.

4. Final Plan

Based on your feedback, we’ll create a final plan for your authorization.


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