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I’ve read several articles lately regarding BLANK-as-a-Service. While I believe there is a time and place for certain services, I rarely find it makes sense to outsource everything.

We live in a world of everything as a service. I know there are lists online that detail some a type of IT services for every letter in the alphabet. Just 5 years ago we were at the entry point of virtualization into the small business space. While that had a profound impact on how IT was managed, it barely scratches the surface of what outsourcing uncovered.

In today’s market you can find “as-a-service” from a variety of companies:

  • Access (AaaS)
  • Backup (BaaS)
  • Computing (CaaS)
  • Database (DaaS)
  • Email (EaaS)
  • Firewall (FaaS)
  • Hardware (HaaS)
  • Infrastructure (IaaS)
  • Management (MaaS)
  • Platform (PaaS)
  • Software (SaaS)
  • Websites…(WaaS)

The key to understanding the value of these services is knowing the goals of the particular company. Are you looking to make things run smoother? Are you trying to save some cash; trying to better make use of limited resources? It may make sense to outsource certain aspects of IT, while leaving others in-house.