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Fortis IT Solutions is an IT solutions provider for small to mid-sized companies. We offer dynamic solutions that support your every IT need so you can get back to what is important — the core of your business and your clients. We understand your choices are many. Our customers choose us because we are committed to developing the best, customized solutions that fit your business.

Benefits of Working with Fortis IT Solutions

Efficient Cost Management
One of the main reasons companies turn to us is to lower their IT costs. Choosing Fortis IT Solutions as a partner is a key step toward reducing the cost of your IT initiatives.
Offload Risk
By working with a third-party IT support provider, you are sharing some of the infrastructural risk burden. As a result you become more flexible, agile, and dynamic as an organization, which allows you to deliver a better product in the long run.
Liberate Resources
Delegating your IT support to Fortis IT frees up internal resources that can now be allocated to processes that grow your business.
Expertise When You Need It
With our team at your side, you’ll have access to high levels of technology and resources when you need them — helping to guide you through the changing world of data and technology and stay competitive in your industry.
Re-focus Your Priorities
Once we’re taking care of your IT support, you can focus on what matters most: growing and supporting your business — not troubleshooting software, hardware and user issues.
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Fortis knows that each organization is unique, with distinct IT needs and capabilities. There is no “one size fits all” IT solution to follow. Therefore our goal is to work with you to first understand your needs, and then recommend the right solution for you.

1. Initial Assessment

At our initial “meet and greet,” we’ll sit down with you and your team, learn about your IT needs, and determine whether we’re a good fit to work together. We’ll then continue our discovery process to understand your needs, frustrations and opportunities for improvement in further detail.

2. In Depth Assessment

An IT technician is deployed to your location to perform a full assessment of your infrastructure. This gives us a complete picture of your current setup so we can formulate a solid solution.

3. Proposal

We will create a proposal with our recommended solution for you. Our goal is to outline a comprehensive, proactive combination of services that protects all of your interests. We’ll review it together to make sure that all of your top priorities are addressed.

4. Final Plan

Based on your feedback, we’ll create a final plan for your authorization.


Responsive and effective — our needs have always been met with positivity and tenacity.
Problems always arise, and Fortis is always capable of solving the issues.
Fortis IT has reasonable rates with outstanding flexible service.